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It’s gallivanting the world time once again – 2017 Travels

Can you believe that it’s been nearly a year since Miami and that Caribbean cruise…time flies when your having fun (or in my case setting up a new party business!).

Anyway, this years travels begin on Sunday when we catch an Easyjet flight from Bristol (got to love Bristol Airport…they do know what they are doing really!) to Prague in the Czech Republic for a few days (well…until Thursday night). Earlier in the year, I was torn between visiting Tirana (in Albania), Bucharest (in Romania) or Prague, however, let’s just say that the accessibility in Albania and Romania isn’t the best (hence would require some more planning than usual) so I opted for the easy option this time! The time will come for Albania and Romania,  those will definitely be fun adventures for sure.

By now, you have probably gather that I can’t go a year without visiting somewhere out of the ordinary so this year it’s…wait for it…CHINA!!!!! The best part, however, is that I spend my birthday at my favourite place and also the epicentre of the UK….London Heathrow airport (actually spending a few days there beforehand on a training course, an irrelevant fact for you). Of course, I’m joking, we are flying to Beijing for a few days visiting The Great Wall of China (on my bucket list!) and The Forbidden City. From there, we catch the Bullet Train (another one on the list) to Xian to visit the Terracotta Warriors before flying to the bright lights and TOWERS!!!! For this trip, it’s solely me and the parents, just so you know who will be helping me to type this sarcastic blog. Anyway that adventure begins on the 28th August.

Back to Prague, on the agenda are all the usual’s, TOWERS and TRAIN STATIONS and, of course, marvelling at the Gothic architecture. A fun fact for you, Lasgo filmed her music video to ‘Something’ (watch it here) at one of Prague’s train stations…exciting!!!! Oh and the hotel has a spa, don’t you know 🙂

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