My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Day 1/2 – Prague Bound and Clocks

I swear every time that I traverse Bristol International Airport, they handle Superbunny differently! This time, after a journey in the minibus out to the airfield with a Spanish driver who spoke little English was unable to distinguish between EasyJet and Ryanair, Superbunny’s joystick was disconnected (after clearly informing them not too) and then wrapped up in electrical tape, what next!

Anyway, we made it out the country this time (some of you will know that I had two failed attempts at a holiday last year!), can you believe it, I can’t! To add to this excitement, the wheelchair accessible taxi that I booked prior actually arrived on time and was a suitable size also meaning our experience thus far seems to be plain sailing (don’t hold your breath though…still have to traverse the Prague Metro system tomorrow!).

What can I say about our hotel then…perhaps a little posh for my standards? Come on, they have a bellboy, spa and even a cocktail bar…what more could one want? Perhaps it’s to make up for the budget Ibis that I have booked in Bratislava in a few days! The poshness continues upstairs into the Grandior Hotel rooms, which, I must say, is ideal when it comes to accessibility, plenty of room to maneuver plus a huge bathroom/wet room complete with a shower seat! However, this is me talking hence the room muggins is staying in has to be the one that is level with another roof full of my furry enemies (pigeons!).

Today was all about exploring the heart of Prague hence after buying new shoes (as it turns out the guy in the shop back in the UK sold me the wrong size but that’s another story!), a little route was formed taking in the famous sights such as the Prague Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square…

…and The Charles Bridge…

Now, during my numerous trips to Europe, I have come to realise that, particularally in older cities such as Bruges, indoor restaurants pose an obstacle to wheelchair users due to the building having steps. Luckily for us, a few minutes from the hotel, a shopping mall is located with every restaurant you can think of meaning our meal times are sorted for the next few days!

As I mentioned, the plan for tomorrow is to attempt to navigate the Prague metro system ultimately to visit the Petrin Tower 🙂

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