My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Today’s post has a weird title which will become clear later on as it has been one of the most funniest evenings ever!

This morning we went over to the Toronto Islands via the ferry, yet again I took my manual wheelchair and oh, by the way super bunny has returned alive but still has gamy leg. The ferry over to the island is very accessible and also a disabled person and their carer gets across for free which is an added bonus although I took my manual wheelchair, super bunny of probably could have got on it too as it has ramped access. We took a walk around the island and soaked in the atmosphere of the amazing themepark….not! After completing a loop of the island, we headed back to the main land where we had lunch before heading to the hotel so my PAs could get some rest.

I will let my PA describe what happened next…

We went for dinner in a market style resteraunt, just as we finished dessert a lovely woman came over to ask “whether he (Nath) would be disturbed if she told him he had beautiful eyes” and so the flirting began… Nath ever the gentleman received the compliment with his usual grunt “yeah”. She guessed he was aged 17/18 and when I corrected her she misunderstood and thought I had said 31 “oooooh 31, noooooooo” her eyes lit up with sheer delight expressing “you could be my boyfriend” she was greatly disappointed when I then corrected her. She went on to explain about her medical conditions making us all feel a little uncomfortable. Then to conclude this encounter she fluttered her eyelashes and told us how she had “saw him from across the room and thought….cheeky cheeky ” 😉

My PAs have found this highly amusing and have continued to make jokes ever since, I’m never going to live this down.

Tomorrow we are catching the train then a bus to Niagara Falls which should be interesting and going on Maid of the Mist and don’t worry, I’m taking my manual wheelchair again.

See you probably Friday Morning

Nath 🙂

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