My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Day 19 – Let’s go to the Beach Beach, let’s get away ay.

Today was rather relaxing as we heading to out onto the beach which surrounds Lake Michigan which excited my PA’s greatly as it meant they could sun bathe. I’m not normally a beach person because I have a phobia of seagulls and they are everywhere in the UK but there was only one or two here. So I managed to survive on the beach for a few hours which seemingly went quickly!

After the beach we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a second time and yet again we filled up our belles far too much. So, after a little shopping spree, to browse for my graduation outfit we headed back to the hotel.

For dinner, we decided to have a wonder around some random streets and found a swanky Italian Steakhouse where I ate way too much!

Tomorrow is our last full day in America, so we plan to take Super Bunny for a walk some I can film some stuff for my up coming workshop and then head to Navy Pier in the evening to watch some lovely fireworks to end the holiday.

See you sunday morning, Nath 🙂

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