My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Day 2 – Going under the sea

Well I jinxed it, oops! Anyway yesterday we woke up around 5am to catch the 07:18 Eurostar service to Marseille from London St. Pancras international in which I could marvel at the architecture. The accessibility of Eurostar is quite good until you get into the carrige where the space is a bit tight and there is a seat right next to you so moneuovering is quite hard. It came as a surprise that the table seats that were in front of us were all free so I decided to get out my chair and sit at the table which was probably comfier than sitting in super bunny for 6.5 hours!

After watching the fantastic French scenery as we travelled down the country, we arrived at Marseille St Charles station. As expected, you could tell the difference straight away in temperature as the train doors opened without a ramp to be seen . However after a minute, it arrived in all its glory. Countries in Europe seem to always have weird contraptions to help me get on and off trains, this time it was a little lift, doesn’t beat the fork lift though in Switzerland back in 2013. It took a while to work out how to exit the station as the main entrance is compromised off massive staircase leading down from the station into the wonderful city. It took a while to work out where disabled access down was  but then we managed to get out. As with loads of train stations, the area around is rather dodgey. Why do I always pick them most dodgiest areas!?

A couple of hours later, we went for a stroll along the harbour to discover how and when the boats tours are which we plan to do later today. As I have a phobia of pigeons it took a while to find somewhere to have dinner that was both the accessible and inside. In the end, we resorted to a random hotel but it was good food. We were all tired and returned to our hotel around 10pm.

Today, we plan to visit Fort Saint-Jean and the Musee des civilisations de l’europ et de la Mediterranee which is a cool building and the Marseille Cathedral and then a boat tour around Calanque.

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