My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Day 2 – Travel to New York

This has been the longest day ever and currently we are going rather insane, so apologies!

The alarm was set for 5:12am as I like to rather awkward in my timing from which we drove to Terminal 3 where we arranged for the van to be picked up and taken to the car park. We checked which was a lot easier than Bristol, but thats what you get for a larger airport I guess. After we had breakfast in the departure lounge we boarded the plane for which I took my electric wheelchair up to the doors and then it was taken down to the hold. After 7 hours of being fed everything you can think of by Virgin Atlantic, including mini FAB ice lollies which were a personal favourite for one of my PA’s, we arrived in JFK Airport.

I was surprised not to see my electric wheelchair which is normally at the door like normal, instead one the airport staff was waiting with a manual wheelchair with the electric one waiting by itself next to the baggage collection area, it looked like it had been abandoned! Our next adventure consisted of getting into a wheelchair accessible taxi after a short wait with a Russian driver, who seemed to have a death wish. My PA’s were petrified whilst I was sitting in the back just laughing as we slalomed down the highway, whilst fearing for my own life as well!

We arrived at the hotel, The Hudson and checked into our rooms for which you can see the scale of from the photo that I have just uploaded on Twitter!

After chilling in the room for a while, we decided to head out as the hotel is right next to Central Park which we had a walk about in the lovely concrete heat of New York which was meant to be only 25 degrees, but it wasn’t! We returned back to the hotel after getting a frozen yogurt in which now we are trying to stay awake to adjust to the time which is rather difficult after 18 hours!!

Toorrow we are meant to have a plan of what we are doing but we don’t actually know like normal and as 3G costs so much we will post about 2 photos on Twitter,

See you tomorrow 🙂

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