My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Day 4.5 and 5 – Rolling around in Copenhagen and homeward bound.

So I wanted to start today’s post by returning to yesterday evening when I decided to take a stroll around Copenhagen on my own to get a real feel of the accessibility. As I said a few times during interviews, I enjoy taking walks on my own as its a completely different feel as opposed to when I’m with various PAs. I also wanted to see how Danish people would interact with me without anyone to assist even though I only know two words of their language!

I began my wander going down to the waterfront where the Copenhagen mall is situated and journeyed through some of the surrounding housing areas. It is surprising how many houses and apartments had step free access but I guess that is Scandinavian design! I continued by a desire to find out whether the metro network was accessible. I didn’t actually find the proper metro rather the suburban one. I don’t know if all the stations have been elevated either but this one had so I went down to have a go. Talking of Danish people, I was approached by a few as I was attempting to push the lift button. Although I didn’t have a clue what they were saying, I gathered that they were asking to help, why can’t Londoners be like that when I’m using the underground?? From what I gather after watching the train for a while, there is a designated disabled with a massive logo representing it, however there is a step up into it! Maybe it’s better at other stations or they have ramps but who knows.

After checking out the hotel this afternoon, we headed down to Copenhagen main train station to catch a train out to the airport. After our successful trip to Malmo on Wednesday, I thought it would be a simple process getting super bunny on and and off and it was apart from I decided to get on the wrong train (heading to the depot) and it wasn’t until one of the dispatches came running and signalled for me to get off that I realised! The train from the main train station to the airport is probably the cheapest and efficient option as it takes you to beneath terminal 3.

The he usual airport process went surprisingly according to plan and, for once, security talked to me like an actual human being and not some child. Although our flight was delayed by half an hour, we were escorted into the scissor lift early for some unknown reason and then sat on the airfield for half an hour waiting for the plane to come in, rather odd!

After a rather windy touch down, we had returned to good old Bristol for exactly a month (we will be in the air this time next month!) before we head to China to visit Beijing, Xian (to visit the terracota warriors) and Shanghai.

Folow ow us from the 28th (which is coincidentally my birthday!) 🙂



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