Day 5 (Malta 2024) – Final Thoughts

Now that Valletta and, indeed, Malta has been rolled around twice, it seems appropriate to provide ones final thoughts.

From an electric wheelchair users point of view, it is possible to enjoy the island, however a lot of prior planning is needed. For example, although the boats (with the exception of car ferries) are somewhat accessible, it is still tricky to navigate using this method of transportation. As I mentioned, all the buses, especially in Valletta are accessible and there are a few wheelchair accessible taxi companies to get around the place.

Ongoing efforts (as of 2024) are clearly being made to make Malta more accessible, for example, ensuring smooth paving around Mdina. As in Armenia, the Maltese society are very willing to lend a hand if necessary and will go out of their way to do so.

My next adventure is a culmination of months of planning as I head to Southern India and, in particular, Chennai, Pollachi and Kochi for 14 days in August.

We start in Chennai, the capital city of the Tamil Nadu state where we will endeavour to explore using the accessible parts of the metro plus a trip to either Mahabalipuram, an UNESCO World Heritage site or Puducherry.

From Chennai, we will be catching the Vande Bharat Express train (which one is quite excited to sample with Superbunny!) to Coimbatore Junction where we will then head down to Pollachi. During this time, we plan to head on a safari within the Anamalai Tiger Reserve and the nearby tea fields.

Finally, we head to Kochi where we hope to explore the backwaters of Kerala and sample the water metro (who knew!).

When one began to plan this trip, it appeared that 99% of accessibility blogs focus purely on the North and the famous Golden Triangle where, to my knowledge, all the accessible tour companies are based. Of course, I had to deviate from this and visit the South which appeals much more to ones liking.

To assist with the planning ‘on the ground’, one has been in regular contact with The Swarga Foundation who provide accessible transportation across the length and breadth of India upon request and has also been assisting with hotel and train bookings.

Bear in mind that the trip coincides with monsoon season so anything could happen! Regardless, it should be a great and insightful adventure beginning on the 10th August!

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