My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Today we docked at Georgetown in the Cayman Islands, I say docked but we actually tendered meaning that we had to get boats onto the main land. We thought it would be best to take my manual wheelchair just to be on the safe side and it was a good job that we did as there would be no way that super-bunny would be able to get on the tender boats!!!

It took 3 strong men to lift me and my chair onto the tender boat and then onto the main land. Once off the boat, we followed the sight of the beach for half an hour and on pavements that were not the best in terms of access. We soon came to a quaint little beach near the sea with palm trees and a majestic view of the sea, perfect to go for a swim with my rapid deployment inflatable system! Immersed in clear blue water, we were able to see little fishies whilst we were bobbing around.

On our return to the centre from the beach, we stopped of at a beach side Caribbean restaurant where you were able to feed the fishies your leftover food, oh and there was a couple of iguanas wondering around the place! Before we headed back on the tender boat we had a snoop around the shops. I forgot to say at the start, that although some of the pavements were not accessible most of the shops were, where they had temporary ramps into the shops which was a little better than Jamaica.

Tomorrow we head to Cozumel, Mexico where apparently there is quite a lot of shops to buy lovely things, Whether or not I buy anything is another story

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