My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Day 8/9 – Cruise Ship Central

I don’t quite know what’s happening to this blog as posts are going missing, must be something to with the wifi! However I will write the missing ones again when I get home.

As I was meant to say on day 7 yesterday it was another day at sea which was day 8, so it was round 2 of doing absolutely nothing!

Today, we docked at Nassau in the Bahamas and as I read on another blog (Curb Free with Cory Lee), that Nassau was accessible I decided to take super bunny to stretch its legs. As expected the place was very accessible as opposed to other places on the cruise and most shops and restaurants have level access.

After taking a short walk through the centre we headed down to the beach for another dip in the sea, plus super-bunny got to go on the beach (it wasn’t accessible we just pushed and pulled it . It was another story trying to get off the beach and resulted in four excitable men lifting super-bunny off the beach, one of the older men said how great my PAs to help take me around the world…. how lovely of them to do so!. Oh and I decided to get with the Caribbean culture whilst on the beach, drinking from a cocoanut…. A rather warm one at that!

Before getting back onto the ship for one last time, we headed to an accessible restaurant, note to self don’t order an appetiser by itself, you don’t get much!

Tomorrow we dock back at Miami and have to be out of our cabins at 7am (how lovely for my PAs). The plan is to head onto the free metro mover to downtown Miami to have lunch and to have a gander around their majestic TOWERS!!!!!

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