My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

After the dramas of yesterday, we decided to have a rather relaxed day today, visiting the CN Tower. The plan was to catch the subway, but after several attempts to find the lift (which are in random office buildings in Toronto) we gave up and decided to walk as it was only a few blocks away.

The benefit of visiting the CN Tower is that the disabled person gets in for free which is awesome! As I have been up the tower two times before, I kind of knew where to go and what to do like the glass floor which I decided to kneel on hence the twitter photo. After getting rather windswept on the outdoor observatory, we decided to go down to the PATH (which is a underground network of shops and restaurants beneath the financial district) to go to my favourite coffee shop, Tim Hortons for donuts.

Last time I came to Toronto, I found a nice restaurant which I wanted to find again, so we went on a hunt and somehow my photographic memory served me well and found it in no time. For tea this evening, we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe and in then resorted back to the hotel to go to the rooftop jacuzzi which can be seen in the photo that I’ve just tweeted.

Currently, we are trying to discover where my wheelchair has gone as it has been fixed and left the airport 5 hours ago. But we have just been told that it is being delivered in the morning, YAY! However, I still can’t really use it because the foot plate is knackard so we are trying to see if the engineer can do something with it, all fun!

Tomorrow, we are planning to visit the islands slightly off Toronto and have a wonder around so keep following us on Twitter.

See you Thursday, Nath 🙂

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