My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Lisbon Diary – June 2022

Day 1 (Lisbon) – Oh Bristol, you never learn!

Upon my return from Uzbekistan in October 2019, it never even came into consideration that my next travels would not happen for another 2.5 years! Anyway, yesterday was the day that I finally exited the country and what better place to begin than trusty Bristol airport… For those who...

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Day 2 (Lisbon) – Lifts and Tarts

The plan for today was simple; catch the Metros Red and Blue line down to the waterfront (Well…Praça do Comércio) and then meander our way back to the hotel through the historic centre stopping by the Santa Justa Lift and other sights of interest… Although the streets around the...

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Day 3 (Lisbon) – Cable Cars and Sea Creatures

Before we delve into todays happenings, there are two nuggets of information that I omitted from the past two posts. Firstly, if you are attempting to navigate the Lisbon Metro, it’s useful to know that some drivers like to shut the train doors rather quickly after arriving at the...

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Day 4 (Lisbon) – The T2 Experience + Croatia Itinerary

…and the answer to the former cliffhanger is a big no! As predicted, the hotel booked a large taxi rather than a wheelchair accessible vehicle thinking that Superbunny could just fold up resulting in the staff frantically seeking one at 6.30am, easy right? Of course not! The Metro subsequently...

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