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America Diary – February/March 2018

New York City/Philadelphia Itinerary

A cheap deal to NYC at the end of February was one that I could not afford to miss! You maybe thinking why NYC once again? The answer is that we are merely basing ourselves there (literally the hotel is one block away from Penn train station!) spending just...

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Day 1 – The London Gatwick Experience

Flying to America usually means one thing for me, HEATHROW! No, not this time, away from the norm, we decided (well had to!) to fly from London Gatwick, the UK’s second largest airport or epicentre as I like to call it. I had previously heard negative things about Gatwick...

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Day 2 – Rolling Around Philadelphia

You would of thought by now that my body clock would be used to different time zones considering the places I have travelled to, clearly not as I woke around 4:15am this morning! Anyway, when I booked our cheap hotel (which I will give you the low down on...

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Day 3 – Rolling Around New York

Just as my body clock is adjusting to New York time (5 hours behind GMT) it will be time to go home tomorrow!! Anyway, this morning was slightly better waking up at 6:15 am… I guess that’s two hours more sleep! We headed back to Penn Station after grabbing...

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Day 4 – The JFK Airport Experience

The prospect of spending another seven hours on a plane dawned on me as soon as I woke at 5:45 am this morning. Before I go any further, I will quickly give you a low down on the hotel that we stayed at… We stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania...

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