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Yerevan Diary – September 2023

Day 1 (Yerevan) – The Charles De Gaulle Airport Experience

Can you believe that it has been 4 years (nearly to the date) that one has ventured outside of the Europe region? It’s about time therefore that one returns to veering off the beaten track into the unknown in terms of accessibility. The next few years are shaping up...

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Day 2 (Yerevan) – The Pink City

Before I start discussing the accessibility of Yerevan aka The Pink City, I have been reliably informed that the cost of the accessible bus from the airport costs around $0.70 each way, we were definitely ripped off there! Before visiting Yerevan, I found little information on the accessibility of...

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Day 3 (Yerevan) – Trekking to The Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial

Well I can’t say that we weren’t warned about the lack of accessibility outside the city! One planned the route to The Genocide Memorial on Maps which looked pretty easy for Superbunny, however one forgot that we are in a former Soviet state. If you followed my travels around...

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Day 4 (Yerevan) – Majestic Lake Sevan

As I mentioned yesterday, we ditched the idea of catching the train to Lake Sevan and ggTaxi’d it instead (seems like most people opt to do this) costing around $17.50 each way. Although the route is mostly motorway (the rules of the motorways do not make sense in the...

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Day 5 (Yerevan) – Cascade Complex Accessibility

One of the main tourist attractions in Yerevan is the Cascade Complex which links the Monument neighbourhood with the downtown. As the name ‘Cascade’ implies, it consists of many many steps which isn’t great for a wheelchair user in addition to the lack of lifts inside the complex, just...

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Day 6 (Yerevan) – The Zvartnots International Airport Experience

Today we headed back to Zvartnots International Airport on the outskirts of Yerevan (with the help of VMA Assistance and a wheelchair accessible van from Yerevan Home Care) to catch our flight to the UK via Rome. It’s always helpful when the airport is on the smaller side for...

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