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Copenhagen and Malmo Diary – July 2017

Day 0 and 1 in Copenhagen- Are you confused?

well I was going to begin by saying hello in Czech but now we are in Copenhagen so hej! Basically we arrived at the airport on Sunday in the knowledge that the flight was going to be delayed by a couple of hours, however as we were eating dinner...

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Day 2 in Copenhagen – Truffles!!

So what has happened since we last spoke about 12 hours ago? Well, like we planned we set out after breakfast with the vision of visiting Tovoli Gardens. Which is situated roughly in the centre of Copenhagen (sort of). On the way, I was able to get a feel...

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Day 3 – Swedish Excursion (Malmo)

as we planned it, today we viewed Malmö in Sweden which is just an hour train journey from Copenhagen main train station. As ever, I was intrigued as to the access ability of the Danish train network. It turns out the train we court had a lower section so...

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Day 4 in Copenhagen – Traffic!!

As you know, I don’t stick to any plans that I have made and as such today we caught the hop on and hop off bus for a tour around Copenhagen. The concierge informed us that some of the buses were not wheel chair accessible and would have to...

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Day 4.5 and 5 – Rolling around in Copenhagen and homeward bound.

So I wanted to start today’s post by returning to yesterday evening when I decided to take a stroll around Copenhagen on my own to get a real feel of the accessibility. As I said a few times during interviews, I enjoy taking walks on my own as its...

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