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China Diary – September 2017

Day 1 and 1.5 in China – Planes, Beijing traffic and underpasses.

Well I would of started by saying Hello in Chinese but I don’t think the Chinese alphabet is on this iPad so Hello from Beijing will have to do! I have named this post after several things that have occurred since the last 36 hours and this is why….....

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Day 2 – A trip on the Beijing subway network and the Olympic Tower

Today we took the Beijing subway with the vision of attending the majestic looking Olympic Park where the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics were held. As I said yesterday, I did some prior research finding out what stations are accessible or not. Normally a city would have some kind of...

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Day 3 in China – Massive wall (The Great Wall of China) and The Temple of Heaven

The plan for today was to visit the historical icons of China; The Great Wall and The Temple of Heaven. One of the main things that I wanted to look at more during the day was how accessible both sites were as a result of the Paralympic Games. Anyway,...

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Day 4 – The Bullet Train and unfinished construction projects

It was another early start (up at 0600) to head to the Beijing West train station to catch the Bullet Train to Xi’an. On entrance to the station you are required to go through security showing your passport and ticket but other than that it was a simple process...

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Day 5 in China – The Big Wild Goose pagoda and the Terracotta Warriors

Today we visited the BIg Wild Goose pagoda and the Terracotta Warriors both of which are pretty accessible however they require some prior planning unless you are fluent in Mandarin otherwise you could end up going round in circles! The majestic Big Wild Goose pagoda stands 7 storeys high...

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Day 6 in China – Planes in Xi’an and towers in Shanghai

So here we are, our final destination, Shanghai after a 2 hour flight from Xi’an. We arrived at Xi’an airport in plenty of time (and I was excited by the dedicated airport expressway…how sad) and managed to check in without a problem with the help of Li, our guide...

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Day 7 in China – A tower (Shanghai Tower) and Yu Gardens

This morning was the first morning without waking up at stupid o’clock so after a slow start we headed to the spectacular Shanghai Tower, which is the tallest in China and second tallest in the world; that is until the Jeddah Tower is completed in 2020.. Another useless fact...

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Day 8 in China – Shanghai Transportation system

The plan for today was to take a ride on the Shanghai Maglev which connects the City to the airport in under 8 minutes! In order to do this, we were required to go on the Shanghai Metro. Unlike Beijing, there is a website that tells you which stations...

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Day 9 in China – The epicentre of Shanghai (Pudong International Airport)

After staying awake for nearly 24 hours, we returned to Bristol last night to find the weather pretty cold in comparison to the 34 degree heat that we experienced the day before! Anyway, it was another 6am start (I was getting rather used it it!) as we headed to...

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