Iceland Diary – February 2015

Day 1 in Reykjavik

Why do airlines make flights so early? I’m sure they do it on purpose just to annoy you! Anyway my alarm went off at 4.10 although I was awake before then like you normally are before catching a plane. After my two PAs came and we packed the van...

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Day 2 in Reykjavik – Rain and snow and a bit of sun!

So we decided to have a Chinese take away last night, actually that’s a lie because it was the closest take away to the hotel and we were starving! It’s worth mentioning that as I type, bits of grit or something are just randomly falling off of super bunny...

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Day 3 in Reykjavik – Lots of salty water

So we found the do not disturb sign but still managed to wake up at 8am in my new accessible room. We decided to give up on trying to swap rooms with the hotel and, like I said, luckily the walkie ¬†talkies worked between floors so now I’m on...

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Day 4 in Reykjavik – Whoopsies!

So it’s the end of another trip, it always goes so fast! Oh well that’s another country off my list. Anyway, returning to last night we went on a hunt for an accessable restaurant in the City center when I had an ingenious idea. They are building a new...

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