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Vilnius and Minsk Diary – June 2019

A Rather Complex Vilnius and Minsk Itinerary

The challenge of how the hell to navigate Superbunny around, let’s say, two of the lesser accessible countries was a big draw when planning this adventure! Before I start blabbing on about the logistics of everything, it seems that, from watching numerous vlogs on YouTube (as you do), Google...

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Day 0 – Where’s Superbunny?

The answer is in its hutch back in Bristol! Why you may ask yourself? Well, it turns out LOT Airlines (who we are flying to Vilnius with) has suddenly decided to deny Superbunny passage due to the dimensions being ‘too big’ (even when they stated that it would on...

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Day 1 – The London City Airport Experience

It has been a staggering 32C today in Vilnius, a little warmer than the UK, however a heatwave is sweeping across Europe currently so temperatures are high in rather a few countries! We started our 6am day with yet another Uber to transport us to City Airport…soon muggins will...

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Day 2 – Vilnius Old Town and Gediminas Castle Tower

The weather forecast wasn’t wrong, today the city was not only much cooler than yesterday but was also being drenched by torrential downpours. For us, this meant running for cover from time to time in the most unusual of places… Anyway apart from sheltering from downpours, our aim for...

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Day 3 – Vilnius TV Tower and Public Transportation

Today was the first of two tower experiences on this trip (the other one being in Minsk on Monday) thus headed to the Vilnius TV Tower. Now, an able bodied would have two walking options to reach this landmark, the easiest being through the lush green forests (Vingio Parkas)...

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Day 4 – The Neris River Trek

Before I start blabbing on about todays happenings, I completely forgot to mention the escort service we experienced yesterday at the Vilnius TV Tower. As we approached the structure, signs began to appear showing a wheelchair and a Lithuanian phone number. We presumed that you could phone that number...

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Day 5 – Oh Visas, Visas, Visas

Well it wouldn’t be a trip without a hiccup would it now? When planning this trip originally, I was going to fly from Vilnius to Minsk rather than catching the train but soon opted for the latter simply for ease. During the train booking, I completely forgot (until this...

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Day 6 – The Vilnius Airport Experience

Our strategy for today was simple, GET INTO BELARUS! As our flight wasn’t until the evening, we had plenty of time to visit the Old Town one last time. After spending 5 days in Vilnius, I think we came to know the lay of the land far too well!...

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Day 7 – 24 Hours in Minsk

We arrived at our Minsk hotel, Hampton by Hilton late yesterday evening where luxurious rooms (well compared to the Ibis) awaited us! The rooms are much more spacious along with all the usual accessibility features i.e. shower seats. However, the pinnacle of this is that my room overlooks the...

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