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Limassol Diary – October 2023

Day 1 (Limassol) – The Larnaca Airport Experience

I swear that the more one flies to destinations, the quicker it feels! Anyway, to round off this years travels, I decided to head back down to the Mediterranean and explore Cyprus, in particular, the cosmopolitan city of Limassol. As the city is located between Larnaca and Paphos, one...

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Day 2 (Limassol) – Castles and Churches

Limassol is a very walkable city and all the main sights within the boundaries are within a 20 minute radius. In addition to the existence of drop kerbs in appropriate places, the centre is laid with a smooth surface which is perfect for rolling around… Another thing that I...

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Day 3 (Limassol) – Lack of Public Transportation and The Paradox Museum

Well the answer to that cliff hanger was neither! I think that one has relied too much on public transportation systems on previous travels whether that be metro, train, bus or taxi hence becoming a stumbling block when these are almost non existent. We began by asking the hotel...

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Day 4 (Cyprus) – Troodos Mountain Drive and Omodos Accessibility

Today we finally exited the city of Limassol and took a trip around the Troodos Mountains and the village of Omodus. As I mentioned previously, we were struggling to find a semi accessible way out of the city at a relatively low cost hence we decided to hire a...

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Day 5 (Limassol) – The Larnaca Airport Experience (Part 2) + Where Next

One of the good things about these ‘touristy’ countries (as opposed to places such as Armenia) is that the infrastructure that they do have i.e. airports and accessible taxis are well used making for a smooth journey. We booked our return taxi with Johns Cyprus Taxis once again and...

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