Riga Diary – October 2022

Day 1 (Riga) – Oh, Gatwick, you had to break Superbunnys new companion!

Here we are at the end of the first year of constantly exiting and re-entering the country after old COVID and what a way to finish than visiting the last country in Northern and Central Europe that one hasn’t explored yet, Latvia! As I mentioned in my previous post,...

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Day 2 (Riga) – An Old Town Wander

It is always nice to wander around a city that is quite compact rather than spread out like London and NYC, especially if you only have 48ish hours! This is true for Riga as the main sights are all within a 25 minute walking radius of the hotel and...

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Day 3 (Riga) – The Lack of Latvian Health and Safety!

Today has been much warmer than yesterday (although I have just been told that it’s raining…fantastic) making perfect walking conditions for the short walk to the Latvian Academy of Sciences within which an observations deck can be found. On the way, we passed the same woman that was in...

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Day 4 (Riga) – The RIX Experience + Plans for 2023

…and the answer to that cliffhanger is that Superbunny did indeed return to Gatwick in one piece and fully alive, congratulations Riga! Anyway, after a morning of catching up on work emails and prepping ones lecture for the forthcoming day, we ventured out to catch the route 22 bus...

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