Another lovely day awaited us, as we travelled Brussels, in Belgium. Seeing as I was feeling lazy we didn’t set off until about 11. A journey that could have taken 1 hour, took more like 4, as we decided to go exploring the Belgian towns and countryside. This involved getting lost again, but all fine!

We arrived into the bustle of Brussels with my PAs sat-nav playing up, which meant us going to some interesting parts, having to reverse back up some streets onto roundabouts. We checked in and then decided to go for a wander around the Gare du Midi train station, to take some photos and see how the access was for the tram tomorrow, which involved me nearly getting killed by one! Although when I looked at the step up to the tram on YouTube it didn’t look high, in reality it is quite high! So I think it will be a manual wheel-chair visit to the Atomium tomorrow. Oh well, it’s not bad going for 3 days abroad!

See you tomorrow and keep watching Twitter

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