So yesterday was the day of catching the train to London, Ontario. As we took the train to Niagara Falls earlier in the week, I thought that getting on the train was simple, how wrong was I!

We ordered the taxi the day before to pick us from the hotel to go to Union station which all went to plan and then it went downhill from there unbeknown to me different train companies in Canada have different procedures regarding accessibility. As opposed to Go transit which we used to go to Niagara Falls and as I said you could simply get on the train without any problems, apparently Via rail you have to book in advance similar to good old British network rail. My PA went to buy tickets and discovered that there were no seats available for the return trip and that we should have rang them for assistance. Luckily we arrived at the station about an hour before because by the time we had everything sorted, like normal for me, we ended up running for the train!

The train carriages are very much like the 125’s in the UK as they have a large wheelchair space ( not like Cross Country trains!) but they actually have tie down points for wheelchairs which is different but quite a good idea however there is only one on each train which is a bit rubbish and is the reason we couldn’t get the return train home.

After the 2 hour train journey to London we were greeted by my cousins, who we are staying with until Monday and then some of my other cousins came round that evening , I have such a complicated family tree!

As we realised at the station in Toronto that the only return train that we could get on was at 7:40 am and our flight wasn’t until 7pm, we decided to book a flight from London to chicago instead.

Today, some more of my family are visiting for the afternoon which should be good.

See you tomorrow,

Nath 🙂

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