Day 14 – A solemn place

So I was absolutely knackered yesterday that’s why I’m writing this post this morning. Oh and I forgot to mention in Monday’s post that the ramp on the train to Katowice was actually stored in the toilet which is an intriguing place to put it!

Spent most of yesterday at Auchswitz. It was a good idea to take my manual wheelchair as firstly, the van that was suppose to be accessible from the hotel (well they said they had a lift for elderly people on the phone!) in fact it was just a standard people carrier.

The driver could speak little English, so the journey was fun, trying to use a phone to translate in order to speak to one another.

We arrived at Auchswitz to be greeted by a long queue line for tickets for the guided tour. It was interesting the amount of wheelchair users considering the poor accessibility of the place.

After an hour of waiting, our guided tour began, which lasted 4 hours. Our guide was very informative and understanding as we went through the various sections.

As I saw whilst doing my research, the paths were very rocky which meant that my PAs had a workout during the tour, which they enjoyed very much. Some of the tour consist of seeing inside the blocks, which have steps so I would of had no hope with super bunny. However, even in my manual wheelchair, some of the tour involved steps so I waited at the bottom and listened through my head set.

There are two sites within Auchswitz itself, Auchswitz 1 and Auchswitz 2. Number 2 is considerably bigger in size than the previous. They are connected via a shuttle bus, which as usual, is accessible with its folding ramp.

The second side is a little more accessible and they have smoother paths running along the sides of the main track.


At some points you have to cross the railway tracks which is fun, but I saw that there was a level crossing which super bunny could of probably got over. At the end of the tracks there was a memorial which is kind of strange as they have ramp up to a certain point and then it stop before they reach the top.

After finishing the tour, we were starving yet again so we found somewhere to eat whilst the taxi driver was trying to ring us probably trying to find out where we were.

We got the taxi this morning at 10.45 and returned around half 6, it still only cost us 410 zlotys, which was £69 – extremely cheap. For the remainder of the evening we found the jacuzzi and the sauna, which we will probably do again today; as well as a massage ahead of our 14 hour trip home tomorrow. We arrive at London Heathrow, my favourite place in the whole world.

See you later for a very short post.

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