My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 16 – The long trip home…

So, here we are back in rainy Bristol, makes a change from the 30 + degree temperatures of the last 2 weeks!

Anyway, we had an early start yesterday, around 6 o’clock, (too early for everyone), and wondered down to the train station. As usual, the assistance was there to greet us and the brand new train which I was very ecstatic about awaited us. It was clear that they hadn’t really used the lift before which was the same invention as on the trains to Vienna and Budapest because they were struggling out how to even use it. In the end they resorted to using the conventional ramp to get me on, before they discovered that there was a screw still in place, which is why the lift wouldn’t work. It seemed that they hadn’t had any whelchair users on the train yet. Oh well, now they know how to use it!!!!

After two and a bit hours of high speed travel, we arrived into Warsaw Central station. To make life easier and so that my PAs didn’t have to go yet another train, we planned to get the bus to the airport. However, it became clear that that wasn’t accessible, so we caught the train instead. This was the only train that we hadn’t booked assistance for, but as we had our own escort around the train station, they got me on it straight away.

European trains seem much more accessible for wheelchairs, even if the train carriages date back to the 1950s in Poland.

We arrived at the airport around 6 hours before our flight so we just chilled for that time until check in opened. The check in went smoothly and we were homeward bound. The Poland baggage handlers seemed to listen to what we told them about super bunny, as it came off in one piece at Heathrow. Where another PA was there to greet us to chauffeur us home.

Well that’s it for Europe Round Three and our adventures for this year. The plan at the moment is to go to Madrid early next year and the South America in the summer. However, this will probably change as I had first intended to spend a month in Europe this year and that didn’t happen! In the meantime, we are doing what we do best, traveling the country doing workshops, how I love Travelodge! (Well they are meant to be  Travelogical).

See you next year!

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