Day 21 and a half- Homeward Bound

Well here we are back in Bristol from what doesnt seem like a three week holiday! Yesterday in Chicago it was hot and stuffy so after we had walked around a little with time to spare after checking out, we decided to try Chicago’s famous Garrett’s popcorn which is awesome by the way!

Our taxi to the airport came rather early meaning that we had time to spare in O’Hare airport of which the check in was surprisingly easy for a change and with no dramas. It is worth noting that the toilets at the gate of O’Hare airport are not unisex meaning that one of my female PAs had to go in the male toilets, oh well, it’s their fault.

After an eight hour flight, we touched down at London Heathrow airport at 9 am this morning and that’s that!

Keep checking out Facebook and Twitter as we make plans for our next adventure in a years time!

Nath 🙂

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