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Day 4 – The Bullet Train and unfinished construction projects

It was another early start (up at 0600) to head to the Beijing West train station to catch the Bullet Train to Xi’an. On entrance to the station you are required to go through security showing your passport and ticket but other than that it was a simple process similar to the one in the UK. We had to go to the station master desk with the ticket 30 minutes before train departure so they can take you down to the platform. The bullet train itself is almost level to the platform making it easy to board. We were in first class so I didn’t get chance to see if there was a wheelchair space, however you could probably just sit in a door if not.

As we headed into the countryside out of Beijing the one thing that struck me was the amount of unfinished construction projects there were; roads that led to no where and apartments that were just a shell. It shows that China is trying to grow but maybe too fast.

We arrived at Xi’an North station and were met by our guide who took us to yet another posh hotel within the walled downtown district. I must say about dinner too… We were met by Henry, a management trainee, who seemed to know exactly what to do with me, for example holding the menu in front of me while I read it and then cleared the space in front to lay it down while I considered it. It’s strange how China does not support families with disabled children yet everyone I’ve met so far has been understanding.

Tomorrow we head to the Terracotta Warriors followed by a visit to a Chinese Mosque.

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