My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 5 (Istanbul) – Final Thoughts

Before we delve into ones final thoughts on Istanbul, let’s discuss airports! Given that staff were not willing to assist with lifting Superbunny off the trolley upon arrival, it was thought that the departure process would be a palaver. IST does have a special assistance ‘office’, however, it was closed requiring you to telephone the number given. Once connected, the individual asked which airline followed by a simple message of ‘contact BA’ and then hung up…very helpful! We then found the relevant check in desk who, thankfully, was used to the process. The actual ‘flow’ of the airport was pretty straightforward with dedicated lanes for individuals with disabilities with baggage handlers willing to listen about how to operate electric wheelchairs. It is worth noting, however that you need to explain EVERYTHING even if you are in a manual wheelchair which they kindly bent AGAIN…thanks IST!

Final thoughts on Istanbul aka the largest city in Europe then. As I say, in terms of travelling around the city via public transportation, its one of the most accessible that I have visited in Europe, especially with the trains, trams and funicular being flush to said platform. However, as per most cities, if you are looking to visit neighbourhoods outside of the centre, be prepared for the drop kerbs to be pieces of concrete.

In terms of its citizens, you have probably gathered that it requires a little persuasion for people to assist you in general, although the hospitality sector is very welcoming. The attitude towards disability seems mixed in Turkey, for example, when waiting for lifts on the Marmaray railway, the majority of the public seemed to ‘dismiss’ the fact that you are present and push themselves into said lifts with little regard. Due to this, it’s helpful to leave a little extra time.

From the biggest city in Europe to the smallest capital in the EU, my next adventure takes me back to Valletta in Malta on the 19th May exploring what was missed last year and, in particular, the island of Gozo.

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