My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 6 – A walk into the red light district

So today was our only day in Geneva and we wasted no time by heading out to visit the United Nations building in all its glory. Straight away you can tell how clean the city is compared to Marseille where there were tramps living on every corner.

In comparison, the City of Geneva is beautifully clean. There is no litter nor vagrants. Oh and whilst I remember although we didn’t get to go on the trams, they are all equipped with low floors and are completely accessible with automatic ramps, bridging the gap between the tram and the platform edge, another hit for Geneva!

We wondered to see the United Nations building…

After getting a little moist from the sprinklers in the surrounding parks  grounds we found or way to the visitors entrance, oh, and of course I skipped the queue to get inside. The tour itself was very informative and accommodating for disabled people. It showed of the marvellous architecture that the UN building as to offer.


Once we said goodbye to our amazing tour guide, we walked down to Lake Geneva with its picturesque views at the famouse ‘jet of water’ which shoots an impressive 120 metres into the sky and can be seen for miles!

By this time we were all hungry so we went on the hunt for an accessible and pigeon free resturant. Unfortunately most resturants have some kind of curb or step, but there are a few that are step free. In the afternoon we visited the base of the water jet…well as far as I was able to go without having to use any stairs.


Coincidently, today was Genevas turn to host a triathlon which was awesome for me because the ramp down to the lake which was erected for the swimmers enabled me to take a dip in an otherwise inaccessible lake…


(We definitely did a risk assessment for this!!)

My PA decided not to tell me that there was a bird sat behind me, within two feet watching me get my legs wet. It was only when I saw the photo afterwards that I realised I was within inches of a painful death.

As we have a 12 hour train journey tomorrow (which my PA’s are so looking forward too) we headed to the train station to pick up our tickets and make sure the assistance was in place and booked. However, Google maps failed us on the way to the station – taking us for a little tour around the red light district, and I will say no more on that…although I know a certain Irish PA of mine who will be reading this will want to know more. I can say however that the road works in place in the district ment that we spent a little longer than we could have admiring the sceneary. The staff at the ticket office at the station were very, very helpful in ensuring that all the assistance was in place, especially seeing as we have to change at Zurich.

Looks like tomorrow will be a day of trains which will thrilling for me, not so thrilling for my PAs (my European Sherpas as they call themselves).

We arrive in Vienna around 23:10, so I will write tomorrow’s post whilst travelling, how exciting!

See you in Austria

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