My next adventure: Southern India (Chennai, Pollachi,  Kochi) – August 2024

Day 0 and 1 – The epicentre of the UK (Heathrow) and touchdown

So it has been a been a manic two days of travelling hence why I have just started the blog this morning!

As per my previous America trip, we stayed in the Ibis hotel at Heathrow which brought back memories of my 21 day American adventure, I think I even stayed in the same room!

We used the same pick up service as before (Purple Parking) where we were able to drive the van into the terminal car park and they picked it up and drove it into a secure car park (I’m sad that I know where it actually is seeing as it is next to the main railway line from Bristol to London Paddington, if you’re interested). As always, it was quite a smooth process through Heathrow airport bar the fact that my inflatable rapid deployment system contained as gas cylinder, not a good idea going through security!!

This time we flew with British Airways to Miami rather than Virgin Atlantic, still in Premium Economy. There wasn’t much difference at all between the two airline except we got a lemon in the drink. The 9 hour flight seemed to pass quite quick as we were content in being fed and watered and soon landed at Miami international airport, America seemed to have the habit of not being able to deliver my wheelchair, super bunny, to the gate rather than to baggage collection. It was easy to get a taxi to the hotel, why can’t other countries be as efficient! Anyway, this is where the deliration started due to the 5 hour time difference, so it was an early night.

The hotel seemed to have known I was coming as my room looking over the skyline including, my favourite thing, TOWERS!! I have posted a photo on Twitter of the majestic view.

Today we plan to head to Miami beach for a wonder around and hopefully not get bitten by mosquito and contract zeka virus!

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