Day 9 – Travel and exploring Luxembourg

Last night we had a series of thunder storms in Frankfurt. As we were on the 10th floor of the hotel, it made for good viewing, and pictures. This continued throughout the night so I woke up to a miserable looking morning, for the drive ahead to Luxembourg. As its Sunday, there were no lorries on the roads, which made for a pleasant drive, especially in the forests.

We arrived into Luxembourg, and as we are only staying here for one night, we headed out straight away into the city. Although it is so small, I’ve got to say it seems very posh and mostly accessible. This is apart from the usual European steps into some shops, and cobbled streets, one of which we decided to go down, very slowly as it was so steep! At the bottom we discovered the old city of Luxembourg, for which I was surprised to see an elevator built into the cliff, eliminating the need to walk back up!

We found it quite difficult to find a place to eat this evening, as most places had a step at the front. We may have had reduced options as it’s Sunday, but there didn’t seem many places, so we got some fast food.

Tomorrow we are heading to the train station and then off to Disneyland Paris!

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