My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 3 (Malta) – Gozo? Appears not…

The plan for today was to catch the bus (500m from the hotel) up to Cirkewwa where it is then possible to board the ferry over to the island of Gozo, however this is me that we are talking about!

I made the decision to take Superbunny today as Gozo is a little more accessible than Valletta thus we began the day by walking to said bus stop. The bus arrived on time (every 30 minutes), however, in true style, a pushchair was already occupying the wheelchair space refusing to move. Now, when I am travelling across the UK, one experiences this issue regularly so it is second nature to me simply to wait for the next one hoping to god that the space will be free. However, a local took it upon himself to begin arguing with the driver and had to be escorted off said bus. Sadly, he didn’t achieve anything but it was definitely an eye opener into ones life for the PAs at least.

It was then so that the bus drove off into the distance and then we waited…waited and waited…the bus never showed. By this time, it was past 12 meaning that we would not arrive at Gozo until 3pmish rendering it a little pointless. The alternative plan was to catch a harbour cruise, however the majority leave in the morning rather than at 2pm. The good news is that we have secured a spot for tomorrow morning before we leave for the airport!

Now at a loose end, it was agreed that another trip over to Valletta was in order, at least it was a little quieter than yesterday…

Let’s see if tomorrow is more fruitful before heading back to Heathrow…

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