Day 22 – Exploring Avignon and travel to Montpellier

We woke up in our posh hotel to another hot and sunny day as we headed to the centre of Avignon for a wander around the palais de papes. One word of advice, if you’re planning to visit Avignon in a manual wheelchair, forget about it because loads of the streets and pavements around the old town are cobbled and the drop curbs are not really drop curbs! Anyway, we explored around the old Palais De Papes before heading along the river to the Pont D’avignon during which time my electric wheelchair suddenly stopped working so my PA had to go get the van and come and find us. There seems to be a “bad cable” although the water might have been something to do with it. Anyway we will find out tomorrow, fingers crossed.

After this drama, we set off to Montpellier planning to visit Pont de Gare along the way. However, when we arrived, we discovered that it had become a massive tourist attraction similar to Stonehenge and would cost to walk across it so we decided to against it. As we travelled further down towards the Mediterranean coast, the temperature reached 38 degrees but luckily settled for 35.5 degrees in Montpellier and, yet again we have air con!!

Tomorrow we plan to drive down to Sete right on the coast and drive along what looks like a piece of reclaimed land. Lookout how PA’s get on pushing me around in my manual wheelchair (if my electric doesn’t suddenly come back to life) on Twitter.

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