My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Today was another travelling day in the car to Cologne. We decided to take the route out of Belgium, into the Netherlands, and then down to Germany. This was actually quite a nice way! We headed off about midday and overcame the obstacle of getting my van into the car lift to get out of the hotel even though we lost our ticket. As always, it was manic getting out of Brussels. After we decided to go for a hunt for some lunch. It is surprising how many Belgian towns don’t have restaurants or even food shops or we couldn’t find them anyway! So we were starving by the time we eventually found a deli in a small town.

After lunch, we headed to Cologne and what we thought was going to be a national park, turned out to be loads of fields with Dutch people watering them.

Oh well. We arrived in Cologne at about 5, and had a chilled evening. Looking forward to exploring tomorrow, and going up the Cologne Triangle Tower.

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