I want to start this post by mentioning the palaver that occurred when we decided to order Domino’s pizza last night. And yes we are still in Germany, which is part of the problem! We spent about an hour trying to translate the German words into English, only to discover that they didn’t deliver to the hotel. We then thought we would ring them, which turned out to be fun as well. Eventually they delivered it just for us to my Hotel room door!

Anyway, it has been another hot day wondering around Cologne including the cathedral and of course the train station, which seemed very accessible. However, we had to resorted to walking, instead of using the U-bahn, as again the step is massive, so could only be used in a manual wheelchair. With my love for architecture, we decided to go up the Cologne triangle, which is an observation deck, from which you have a clear view of the city. This was all accessible, so if you are interested in that, it’s a great attraction to see 🙂

We’re now back at the hotel having a chill, planning to go and get the cable car across the river Rhine in a bit. I’m writing this post early as my Internet only lasts 24 hours and cost 30 euros, cheap skate!

We will tweet again when we go onto the cable car later and then tomorrow we head to Frankfurt, so keep following us.

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