Day 0 and 1 in Copenhagen- Are you confused?

well I was going to begin by saying hello in Czech but now we are in Copenhagen so hej! Basically we arrived at the airport on Sunday in the knowledge that the flight was going to be delayed by a couple of hours, however as we were eating dinner the flight became canceled and the next flight to Prague from Bristol is on Friday.

After a evening of looking around different places to go around Eurpoe, I decided to go with Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. We had a more successful trip to bristol airport, as usual we got talked down to by assistance simply because we didn’t check in….One day they will get the message!! The flight was surprisingly quick being one hour forty five minutes arriving at the marvellous terminal three at Copenhagen airport…

We requested a wheelchair accessable taxi, you would expect a standard taxi that  has a ramp or a lift but not in this case. It seems that the only accessable taxisthat were at the airport was a sprinter van…the ones that you would book if you wanted to travel in style! It wasn’t so stylish when I found out that it had cost me about £58 for a ten minute journey! Definitely getting the train back on Friday!

For the price of the hotel, the rooms aren’t that special at the Tivoli Hotel, it see,s that they have put the effort into decorating the hotel but not the actual rooms, however I guess it could be worse…

The plan for today is just to go for a walk around, perhaps visiting Tivoli Gardens plus the TRAIN STATION to find out what we need t do in order to get the train across to Malmo in Sweden tomorrow which is only about a hour train journey…Hopefully!!

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