My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 10 – Another Choo Choo train

We headed straight to the train station this morning to catch the train to Budapest.   As predicted it was the train type of train as we caught to Vienna as such had the same ingenious lift system. A video of this can be found on VEUcan Twitter and Facebook pages so if you have nothing better to do, you can watch a video of me going up a lift onto the train, how exciting!

Prior to my trip to Europe, I did some research into the accessible of the Budapest public transport system and discovered that there is only one fully accessible metro line ( which is line M4, if you’re interested or just sad like me) so I booked the hotel around that. The metro line reminded me a little of the Docklands Light railway in London except this obviously had a driver. The trains and the platforms are all at the same level with only a tiny gap between the train and the platform which any wheelchair could get over. Again, we checked into our hotel without any problems (this is going so well so far regarding the hotels!) but again it seems that the Hungarian version of an accessible room consists of a bath rather than a shower.

After heading out of the hotel to be presents, we decided to take a walk down to Balna  which is a marvellous piece of Modern architecture and is basically a shopping centre. However, it seems that it is rather empty inside but still a pleasant walk around if you like empty shopping centres!


We took a stroll to the Hard Rock cafe only to discover that there were steps to get inside the actual cafe and, as usual, I wouldn’t sit outside due to the flappy things so instead we found an alternative resturant which did literally everything.

Tomorrow we are going to the Baths where we will attempt to inflate my lovely inflatable horseshoe bouy rescue system which we discovered comes with its own whistle and flag and then we will attempt to go for a massage which should be hilarious!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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