Day 11 – The Inflatable Buoyancy Rapid Rescue System

I forgot to say in my blog yesterday about how much Budapest is like Iceland in that everyone speaks English and there is no real need to speak Hungarian but that shows how touristy places get. Another thing that I forgot was about the sudden change in scenery as we crossed the border from Western to Eastern Europe because they just generally look poorer compared to Austria.
Anyway, we spent the whole of today visiting the Széchenyi Baths. Again, we were unsure of the accessibility of public transport not including Metro line 4 but just in general. As there is no lifts that go to Metro Line 1 which takes your close to the Baths, we caught an accesible bus instead. It was surprising because when I did my research, people said that buses weren’t that accessible but it seems like the majority are and have unfolding ramps which my PAs got told off for lifting themselves (that reminds me of when me and my friend used to visit Bristol and the same thing happened but that was in English and not Hungarian but at least you could understand what they were saying!).

The entrance to the Baths had steps going up to it but there is a stair lift to get up so its fine. At first, we were unsure that there was a ramp down to the baths so you could potentially access it in an electric wheelchair (and Superbunny could of played in the baths…. Actually no that’s not a good idea seeing as what I did in 2013 when I drove bad bunny, my other electric wheelchair into a river). However, as they were in the middle of refurbishing, they had a temporary walk way into one of the inside sections which had stairs but luckily we didn’t have time to explore further inside as it was time for my extravagant back massage. The massages take place upstairs and they didn’t have a lift so we improvised by walking me up. I had a lovely back massage and the staff were really helpful and understanding coming out nearly half asleep and after one of my PAs finished theirs we headed back to the hotel in the rain which was a nice experience as it has been so hot.

Tonight, we are taking a walk along the Danube to see the spectular lights of the Houses of Parliment and other significant places of interest. Tomorrow, we plan on doing a general wonder around the city in the lovely temperature of 38 degrees Celsius.

See you tomorrow 🙂



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