Day 12 – A walk up a steep hill

So going to the Houses of Parliment last night was a very bad idea as we discovered half way that the public footpath along the river was closed for refurbishment. Following the diversions that were in place, we ended up walking the streets around Budapest for what seemed like forever (2.5hours) which took super bunny down to under half of its battery. Plus, it took a battering as there were no drops curbs on some of the crossings. However, one good thing about it was that I got to see new type of trams which are completely accessible but they are only running on the other side of the city, so that didn’t help us to get back to the hotel.

When we eventually reached the House of Parliament, we got to experience its architecture which was accompanied by birds circling its spires; making it magical…


This morning we headed straight out to visit the Fishersmans Bastion with its neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style which over looks the city. There is no clear accessible route up to the top of the hill on which its situated and its mostly steps, so we had to navigate around some side streets to see it. When you actually get to the top, most of it is actually wheelchair accessible, which is interesting because it’s an old piece of architecture (1895). It seems that the area has been recently refurbished which is probably why its accessible….


Whilst promoting disability awareness it’s always nice when I see an outstanding effort to accommodate disabled people. On the way back I noticed a model of the Bastion which was decorated with Braille, however the only problem was that it was metal, metal sitting in the sun tends to get hot, very hot, so it physically burns those who touch it; nice thought though.

After stopping at lunch at Costa (there are so many British brands in Budapest – including Tesco and M&S but I suppose that’s what you get for being I a highly sought out tourist destination) we returned to the hotel to work out a strategy for tomorrow, as we are catching a train from Budapest back to Vienna, then Vienna to Katowice, Poland.

See you tomorrow

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