My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 11 – Niagara Falls on the train and bus!

Today was exciting for me as I got to go one my favourite thing, a train and then a bus to Niagara Falls!

We had an early start, probably the earliest since the day of our flight to New York. We caught the free hotel shuttle (or car) to Union station where we would get the train to Burlington. Canadian disabled people get so many benefits as my train ticket was free. Compared the British railway network, the Canadians but us to shame of in terms of accessibility as, at most stations, there is a designated disabled section of the platform which is raised to the height of the train. The conductor seems to have to put a ramp out at every single station even if no wheelchairs are getting on or off which is slughtly weird!

We left the train at Burlington to catch the bus to Niagara Falls. As in New York, the buses have an automatic ramp which comes out as well as a designated area to strap a wheelchair down (even though I ended up doing wheelies on the way back which my PAs found highly entertaining!) although you have to sit side on which is an odd sensation.

The bus dropped us off in Niagara Falls at a stop which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. After my rubbish navigation skills took us in the wrong direction, we located a map and found our way to the falls. Our plan for the day was to go on The Maid of The Mist but I was horrified to see that they have now changed the name to The Hornblower and I think that the American side have took that name. After a zig zag walk down to the docking area, we boarded the boat and got ourselves some fetching red rain ponchos for which the photo will be on Twitter sometime soon! I decided to sit outside for a change (I think I was too scared last time when I was 11) to ensure I got as soaked as possible and I did!

After our boat trip, my poor PAs had to push me up the steep hill to walk around the casino and the surrounding areas, got some nice photos there well of trees!! By this time it was around 4pm so we decided to head back to the bus stop and subsequently the train as we were all tired.

We have no plans for tomorrow apart from relaxing before catching the train down to London, Ontario on Saturday Morning to see my cousins so watch Twitter to find out what we actually do.

See you Saturday Morning

Nath 🙂

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