Day 16 – The John Hancock Tower

Today was a relaxing day after the dramas that we had yesterday! By the way, I received my final university results and calculated that I have got First class Honours degree!! My celebration present to myself was one of having lunch and then visiting the John Hancock Tower. As one of my PAs is also graduating this year, we plan to celebrate properly when she receives her final results before Friday. Chicago has raining all day getting heavier and heavier so we were unsure about whether we would see anything up the tower but in fact it looked awesome being above the clouds! The observation deck was like a standard one apart from It had a TILT window . Unfortunately I couldn’t go on it but basically the window tilts out from the building so that you are looking face down over the Magnificient Mile which would have been good to go on.

After we headed back down the tower, we found ourselves in The Cheesecake Factory (we didn’t plan it…much!) we stuffed ourselves with Cheesecake and then did a bit of shopping before returning the hotel so we could dress more weather appropriate (we didn’t check the forecast this morning)

We thought it would be a good idea to go for a little walk through Millenium Park which is only a few blocks away, however, we soon realised that the rain had turned torrential but we still carried on none the less. We planned to go in search of the giant bean which I will shortly upload a photo of to Twitter (where I look like a drowned rat!). After a brisk walk round, we decided to head back to the hotel for the night before we got even more soaked!

Tomorrow the weather forcast is for thundery showers and cold (lucky us!) so we’re unsure what to do tomorrow apart from going to the train station (obviously).

See you Thursday morning

Nath 🙂

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