Day 17 – The day that Super Bunny rose from the dead… For the second time!

The weather today wasn’t as bad as we thought, and it didn’t rain at all! Although it looked like it was going to this afternoon. As breakfast isnt complimentary in this hotel, we decided to go for a little stroll where we came across a cafe in the middle of some scaffolding (I’m painting a lovely picture of this place!) where the food was actually nice, surprisingly. We came up with an awesome plan to go and visit a very exciting place of mine, the train station! It looked majestic inside in terms of every detail of the architecture as opposed to British train stations. It upset me that we couldn’t go onto the platform as there were doors which we simply couldn’t walk through.

Our plan was also to go up the Willis (Sears) Tower which is the other observation deck in Chicago. Although we didn’t have a clue where it was, coincidently it was opposite the train station, an amazing spot by my camera happy PA, the otherside of a rather dodgy bridge, that my Irish PA would hate.

The Willis Tower claims to be one of the worlds tallest buildings (but they all say that), but it is 262 Michael Jordan’s high! The views at the top were stunning consisting off mainly clouds, but at least you could see downwards, especially within the glass box which overhangs the building.

We then decided to update all of our social media in Starbucks before heading to another majestic landmark which was the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. This wasn’t a normal fountain, it was supercalifragilisticexpialdocious (according to my PA). As you can tell I have gone a bit made having wrote this blog now for 17 days, but hey! Currently my PA is singing songs from cartoons that I don’t have a clue about (FYI it’s Arthur the Aardvark).

As skys were becoming darker and darker, we resorted to returning back to the hotel where Stuart, the Wheelchair engineer came to Super Bunny’s rescue with a new joystick, at the expense of O’Hare Airport. For dinner, we decided to experience Chicago’s magical and famous deep dish pizza where my PA’s decided to stuff themselves but I took a more easier approach.

Tomorrow, the weather forecast predicts that it will be hot and sunny in the morning before thunder storms hit so we plan to go on the architectural boat tour and then shelter somewhere so we don’t get hit by the lightening!

See you Friday morning, Nath 🙂

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