My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

We woke up to another sunny day with me being lazy as usual! After breakfast we headed out onto the LUAS which is the Dublin tram system and is conveniently located next to our hotel. The tram itself reminded me of my European road trip last year as it is completely accessible as there is no gap between the platform and the tram. As we were heading off on the tram this guy approached everyone and started singing Bob Dylan ‘blowing in the wind’ and I think everyone shared the same thought as me in terms of thinking what the hell is going on? After my PA had worked out how to get tickets we went to my favourite place in every city, the train station!! For those of you that actually care it was quite nice and then we were approached by a guy from Manchester working for the railway who asked us if we would like to go on the platform and get close to the trains for a close up, I know I am sad about trains to an extent but not that much so we declined his generous offer!

However, the guy was useful heading us in the direction of the zoo to see some lovely animals. we finally arrived at the entrance after nearly killing ourselves as there was no crossings outside and got our tickets. Again, there are benefits to being disabled as I got in for a concession and one PA got in free so in total it came to about €25 for three of us. We then realised the scale of the zoo and worked out that it was a really good deal for what we had paid. It must of taken us about 3 hours to walk around the zoo discovering animals like giraffes and elephants. We then stopped for lunch after trying several places which only had outside seating which is a no go for me as there were pigeons or as I like to call them the DEVIL! We resorted to the restaurant and discovered that the zoo doesn’t stock straws because they pose a risk to animals, apparently it was a result of a monkey choking on one, seriously?

We headed back to the hotel and, again ate in the room, I’m getting too lazy!

Tomorrow we don’t really have a clue what we are doing which will be fun, we may go to a football stadium which my Irish PA will love if we can find a way to get there! See you tomorrow, Nath 🙂

Ps my wheelchair which is called super bunny met its best friend, the tortoise at the zoo and found an elephant to take with it as well!

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