So here I am sitting with super bunny, elephant and now his new friend a leprechaun! Anyway, we woke up to clear sky’s and headed out after breakfast on a quest to find a bank to try to settle the argument with Jury’s Inn Hotel. My PA wrote down strict instructions on how to get there which we followed and ended up coming across the docklands with its amazing architecture which provided some great photo opportunities. After about 20 mins of searching for a bank in the place where it said on Google Maps, we resulted to asking random people. This was perhaps a bad idea as it turned out that the majority were foreigners or Irish people not from Dublin. My PA realised that there was a phone number of the location which ended up being the head office of which said that there was no HSBC banks in Dublin or the entirety of Ireland, so who knows why there is a head office here?

We then followed some more strict instructions to get to Croke Park Statium which my Irish PA (who is reading this) said was amazing……I beg to differ. We walked through some lovely and rough Irish housing estates and saw a weird thin house. After being barker at by several dogs we found a magnificent stadium that we walked about half hour to see, it took 2 mins to see the whole stadium, but then I don’t like football, so! We then walked through some more weird and wonderful housing estates and managed to find out way back to the city centre where we stopped off for some lunch. As always, it was a kind of weird restaurant plus they couldn’t get the orders for a simple sandwich right, so I don’t really recommend a place called The Living Rooms. We then spent the rest of the afternoon wondering around Dublin shopping district where there was. It much to see, but I guess that’s what you get going to a country with only 3 million people. Since my PA’s legs were getting tired, we found the tram again and relaxed until we went out for dinner.

It seems that everything in Ireland is so expensive so you would expect it to be of good quality although we went into an American style restaurant where I ordered a calzone which seemed to be heated up from a ready meal, I had a cheesecake simply to find out if it was a so called New York Cheese Cake, it was far from it. As it was the last night in Dublin we went for a pint, or a half pint if your me, of Guinness, and that was about it.

Tomorrow, we don’t really have a plan apart from flying home at 5.30pm, which will be interesting once again. So follow us on Twitter to see what we decide to do!

See you tomorrow, Nath 😉

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