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Day 2 in Reykjavik – Rain and snow and a bit of sun!

So we decided to have a Chinese take away last night, actually that’s a lie because it was the closest take away to the hotel and we were starving! It’s worth mentioning that as I type, bits of grit or something are just randomly falling off of super bunny but I will explain that later!

After a good night sleep I was woken up by housekeeping like America at 8 o’clock, for some reason there are no do not disturb signs which is rather intriguing. Anyway we went down and had breakfast and, like I said yesterday, the plan was to go whale watching in the afternoon and the northern lights tonight but this is me nothing ever goes to plan! As you might have seen on Twitter it has been raining and blizzarding so subsequently the whale watching boat tour was cancelled so we had to come up with a new strategy for the day.

We devised a walking route around Reykjavik that included the rest of the buildings on my to do list. I haven’t talked about accessibility in and around the city yet but as Iceland is renown for its snow and ice I was expecting it to on the pavements and wasn’t wrong! The pavements in the centre are fine as they are gritted but as soon as you go down the side streets there are massive lumps of ice for your delight.

Anyway, back tour our strategic walk, at this point it was now blue sky and sunshine so we enjoyed a walk through the park and super bunny got to play in the snow….

To get to this building called the Valsvollur, we had to navigate through housing estates (my favourite thing) and across the only motorway in Iceland. After getting rather lost, trying to find a safe point to cross we began our assent up a massive hill which I think is some kind of energy plant. Super bunny had a had time getting up there due to the path being made up of black volcanic grit but it was worth it as the views from the top were awesome…

…oh and saw some weird statues…

We then then made our descent through the forest on a hill taking the most suitable path that we could find, however, when we reached the bottom the motorway was separating us from the city centre so it was time to go through some more housing estates. We returned to the hotel to pick up my camera that I accidentally left on last night. The one thing that I noticed whilst trying to find a restaurant for lunch is the amount of shops that have steps leading in to them meaning that if you are in an electric wheelchair, you are kind of screwed! It’s kind of weird though because everything else seems to be accessible.

We ended up at a fish bar where I tried some lovely traditional crab which was lush! Whilst we were waiting to hear if the northern lights trip was going ahead we decided to go along the sculpture trail on the sea front which was is pretty pants because there was just three sculptures, however super bunny got to chase some snow so that was fun!

We returned back to the hotel windswept from the Atlantic Ocean and discovered that the northern lights boat tour wasn’t on again and looking at the forcast it won’t be on tomorrow either…! The search for food then commenced, resulting in us having Dominos in the hotel which was much easier than it was in Cologne two years ago as we couldn’t find an accessible restaurant with anywhere to sit.

The hotel saga continues as someone went down this morning but the managers still said that there was no room available next to the only accessible room in the hotel, luckily the walkies talkies work between floors 🙂

Tomorrow we should actually do what we planned to do which is to go to the Blue Lagoon and there is a slim chance that we will go to see the northern lights.

See you tomorrow,

Nath 🙂


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