My next adventure: Valletta (Malta) – May 2024

Day 3 in Reykjavik – Lots of salty water

So we found the do not disturb sign but still managed to wake up at 8am in my new accessible room. We decided to give up on trying to swap rooms with the hotel and, like I said, luckily the walkie  talkies worked between floors so now I’m on the third floor and my PAs are on the fourth floor. I don’t think hotels will ever get the idea of needing rooms together but we can live in hope!

After breakfast, we headed out into the centre once more to buy souvenir and lunch before returning back to the hotel to get ready to go to the Blue Lagoon. As usual by now, I had to wait outside the supermarket whilst my PAs went in to get food which isn’t fun if it is raining but luckily it wasn’t!

After we had some lunch, our taxi driver awaited us to take us down the only motorway in Iceland (I have a weird obsession with motorway?) and into the mountainous area where the spa was situated. The views were stunning…

And we saw how the energy generated was being transferred to Reykjavik which was fascinating…

We we soon arrived at the Blue Lagoon where our taxi driver told us to return in 90 minutes otherwise he would charge us an extra 30000 krona which is about £150 and I wasn’t going to pay that!! However we soon discovered that there was a massive queue to get there but one of the benefits of being disabled is that we skipped the queue with the help of a guy who was serving coffee to people waiting in line. The bue lagoon has a massive accessible changing room in which we got ready to go outside in the freezing cold into the spa. The staff were very helpful came up with an ingenious idea to put a rubber ring around me which, with the support of one of my pa’s helped me stay afloat. However, it is worth noting that they have a hoist in the indoor area to help the disabled people to enjoy the spa in comfort but we decided to stay outside to get maximum benefit. We decided to stay in for around half an hour to avoid paying the taxi driver the extra fee but we could have stayed in for much longer!

Overall, the blue lagoon is a really good place for disabled people and, as I said the staff are really helpful.

We returned to the hotel after driving back down the motorway and this is the second time I am writing this blog as it seems not to like me and the wifi keeps cutting out, a great combination! After posting this we are going to hunt food again hopefully not having takeaway 3 nights in a row.

Tomorrow there’s another early start back to the airport to catch our flight back to Bristol, let’s see if super bunny gets tied up in Nordic rope again…

See you tomorrow

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