Day 3 – Swedish Excursion (Malmo)

as we planned it, today we viewed Malmö in Sweden which is just an hour train journey from Copenhagen main train station. As ever, I was intrigued as to the access ability of the Danish train network. It turns out the train we court had a lower section so that the floor was almost flush with the platform (much like the TGV trains in France) making it simple to get on and off, I think even super bunny could have got over the same gap present with a run up! The carriages were spacious with designated wheel chair spaces ( although they were taken up by pushchairs as usual)……

The one thing that struck me as we came out the elavator (which by the had a little seat with in it) was how clean everything was even compared to Copenhagen….

The main objective was to found our way to the majestic turning torso (apparently it is named after the shape of a mans torso which we learn duing a half an hour presentation in fluent Swedish!!!!) and seeing weather it was possible to go up to the top. Dismissing Google map, we followed the invisible beam of light that the tower presented. Along the way, we pasted various land marks such as the boat warehouse where the Eurovision song contest was held a couple of years ago! It took a while to discover weather it would be possible to go up the turning torso, however it turns out that they do tours at a resenable cost. This tour included going up to the 54th floor with panoramic views of the city plus a half an hour presention in pour Swedish……very enjoyable indeed!

After half an hour if a Swedish lesson, we sampled so moose at a local resteurant before heading back to the train station. It is worth noting that the platforms at Copenhagen are at different gradients and as such the train back was lower than the platform so a ramp was require.

Tomorrow, we don’t have any plans as yet perhaps visit the zoo, see what happens😄

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