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Day 4/5 – The Day That Superbunny Bled To Death (ish)

Remember when I said that everything was plain sailing thus far? Of course it couldn’t last could it? The last few days have been rather hectic hence the gap in this blog, however, I will try my best to fill you in with happenings!

Let’s return to Wednesday morning when everything was still dandy. The aim of the day was to simply have a meal up the Žižkov Television Tower (or the ‘crawling babies’ tower, the reasoning I will explain shortly). The journey was doomed from the start really as construction work around the Florenc area meaning risking life and death attempting to cross 3 or 4 lanes of traffic which is no mean feat especially with Superbunny. Anyway, a few more roads and steep hills later, we reached our destination.

The Žižkov Television Tower was constructed in 1992 towards the end of the sovereign era and was subsequently dubbed the worlds second ugliest building (although I have seen many worse in my travels…it’s taste I guess). In an effort to boost it’s appearance, a Czech artist was commissioned in 2000 to design fiberglass ‘babies’ which would ‘crawl’ up the tower giving rise to its nickname…

Now, accessibility to access the building, that’s the fun part! The entrance is actually sunken down below street level with steps surroundings its perimeter. How do you access the lower level you may ask? The answer to that is practically pretending that you are a car by going through the underground car park…

It is from herein that things begin to go down the drain! Around 3/4 of the decent back to the hotel. One PA noticed that one of Superbunnys back wheels was leaking oil. After a short discussion with my engineer back in the UK, it became clear that the wheel could therefore seize up at any point which would then require lifting the chair to get anywhere! Back at the hotel, things got a little worse when a PA managed to find that the seal was wrapped around the wheel (and yes oil leaked onto the posh carpet…whoopsies!). After toying with several ideas as to how best to attempt to get Superbunny back to the UK without its wheel ceasing up, it was decided that we would taxi it down to Bratislava door to door rather than train it.

In theory this strategy would of been ideal bar the fact that it is Easter Bank Holiday and the drive down involves a long stretch of one on Czechia’s main arterial routes down south coupled with the fact that the majority of routes are 2 lanes constantly merging into one due to roadworks. We set off around 11am and arrived in Bratislava just after 5pm, a journey that should of taken 3.5 hours! As in any country, the landscape changed as we headed further south and into Slovakia from the rugged picturesque landscape in the north to wide open fields traveling over the border.

Let’s see what Bratislava has to offer…

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