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Day 6 – A Hidden Gem in Central Europe (Bratislava)

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is a city not necessarily on the conventional tourists bucket list, especially if you use a wheelchair but you may be surprised by this place! If you think of a quaint city that is a cross between Czech and Austrian styled architecture, that’s Bratislava.

Today we ventured into its historical centre, the majority of streets have been revamped from conventional cobbles (unlike Prague) to a very smooth surface whilst maintaining it’s authentic appearance thus making for a smooth ride (much to the delight of my PAs who now have to push for the next few days!)…

As we only have 2 days here before heading back to Bristol, we enlisted the help of a very handy city map marking out the location of the major sights such as St Michael’s Gate and the Man At Work statue…

The city centre itself is quite small (much to my liking!) meaning that you can see the majority of the sights in a matter of hours (it took us around 3 and a half hours including a half hour stop!).

Compared to the poshness of The Grandior Hotel in Prague, we are Ibising it here. Situated on the slopes of Bratislava Castle, it is pretty much what an Ibis stands for (much more to my norm), The only downside is that the accessible rooms contain a bath rather than a shower.

The plan for tomorrow was to trek up to Bratislava Castle, however with Superbunny out of action and the slope up being near vertical, think we will give that a miss! Instead, a well needed chill morning is the plan with a meal up the UFO Tower (essentially a UFO atop of a road bridge) to round off the trip!

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