Day 4 – Helicopter Ride Over New York

Today was all about the helicopter ride over New York that cost me around £470 for three people! After doing some research, we found that there was a bus to the South Ferry which is where the helipad is (the M5 if you really care and are wanting to go!). We got off to a good start with my PA’s getting us on the wrong bus as it was heading in the opposite direction to where we wanted to go! Tut tut.

The New York City buses are generally accessible apart from the long distance ones as, like normal, they are more advanced than the ones found in Bristol, as they have mehanical ramps that flip out. By the way we are now eating ‘Cheesecake Brownie’ flavour Ben & Jerry’s whilst writing this!

After around 40 minutes on the bus, we headed down on to Wall Street in which I decided to take my female PA’s into Tiffany’s to tease them and with the hope of them buying something, but that didn’t happen, but oh well, I tried! We then headed over to the heliport and checked ourselves in for our flight at half past two. I don’t quite know who was more excited, me or my PA’s, probably the latter, well definitely! We went out onto the helipad whilst my PA’s were trying to work how to get me into the helicopter which was simply solved by one of the staff members carrying me on, I don’t know what health and safety would say to that. My £470 was well spent in about 10 minutes as we flew over Staten Island, Lower Manhatten and Down Town. As usual my PA’s taking ‘selfies’ of literally everything but that’s what you get for taking two young women with you I suppose! The staff were very helpful so would highly recommend it but it depends whether you want to pay a high price for just 10 minutes!

After a stop at Starbucks for lunch, we headed back to the hotel as my wheelchair had some fixing to do. One of my PA’s went to visit her friend for the evening so now we are back having tea which was crap as it seemed like a scabby place and obviously we are eating Ben & Jerry’s which is awesome as the flavour isn’t available in the UK!

Tomorrow we have planned to go up the Rockefeller and just doing random stuff like normal so follow us on Twitter if you stay up until about 11o’clock at night. Otherwise, see you Saturday morning!

Nath 🙂

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