Day 3 – Grand Central Station and Empire State Building

Ok so I’m slightly more awake (well I woke up at 5:45) so see how today’s blog goes!

After my early start we headed out to have breakfast at an American Diner for which, as usual, came in large portions so didn’t feel like having lunch! We headed towards Grand Central Station which obviously consists of my favourite things, trains!! On our way we walked through Times Square and, as it has been rather cold ended up having to buy hoodies as we were too far away from the hotel (well couldn’t be bothered to go back), me and my PA decided to buy identical ones making us look awesome!

Majestic Grand Central Station is a must see! if you visit New York but then I would say that because of my train obsession. We headed down to the platforms to begin with so I could go trainspotting and then walked around with a hope of finding a Starbucks to be able to tweet photos from earlier on. Apart from being a train station, Grand Central also has a dining concourse but most importantly, an Apple store. The way in was simple but the way out took us a little longer as we seemed to get lost and walk through the hottest part of the station.

After randomly walking around for a while with no plan of what actually to do, we decided to head up the Empire State Building. In terms of price, it is quite reasonable for me and one other PA, as the other one is a seasoned New Yorker so done it too many times already, so in total it came to $51. The place seemed tranquil considering it is meant to be one of the icons of New York and we managed to get up to the top in a matter of minutes (I skipped the queues as normal so it could have taken a little longer I guess). As usual throughout this trip, my PA took a lot of selfies as well as photos, videos as well as all the other touristy crap you can think of. In terms of access, as well as being able to go outside, they have lower viewing sections for wheelchairs and children so you are able to get stunning views over Manhatten and the surrounding areas. After trouble getting down to street level as there was issues with the elevator, we set out for a hunt to find my other PA who said she would wait in Starbucks but she had wandered off on a shopping spree (and now we are having a domestic).

After finding her, my battery was running out so we returned to the hotel where my other PA went to meet her friend after. I then had a craving for cheesecake so guess what we did? We went out and found some making us fat! On our way back I couldn’t resist going down to the Subway for a little walk around which probably seems pointless to everyone else apart from me but hey! On our return to the hotel, we have bought tickets to go to see The Lion King on Saturday night which will be a first time experience for me which should be good.

Tomorrow we are going to head down to Lower Manhatten as I have booked a helicopter ride over the skyline aswell as exploring that area so find out what we eventually do on our Twitter.

See you tomorrow or in most cases Friday morning

Nath 🙂

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